Having a life long love of music and instruments and over 50 yrs of wood working experience I have moved my focus into Ukulele construction. After retiring from the building trades and being involved with the Lansing Area Ukulele Group (LAUGH) I was inspired to begin building ukuleles.

At first I felt an apprenticeship was in order so I started making ukuleles for friends and family, learning as I went.  I studied books, the internet and best of all had dialog with other luthiers. I feel I learn from everyone I talk to and every instrument I examine.  This learning will never end.

Pleasing to the eye is second only to pleasing to the ear.  The foremost aim is to make the best sounding instrument possible and from the beginning the results have been pleasing. Making beautiful looking instruments is also important.  A variety of woods are used, from the traditional Mahogany and Koa to uniquely figured Maple, Katalox, Granadillo, Bocote, Teak, Wenge, Cocobolo and Redwood. I am always on the lookout for unique and beautiful woods to match into distinctive patterns.